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Plantings/Landscape Design

At Brown’s Landscaping & Design we assist customers with choosing the best plantings suited for their landscape.  It is important to not only choose the proper colors and bloom times to ensure year round beauty, but also necessary to consider the environment, zoning, soil-type, and sun exposure the plants will thrive best in.  We will come to your property to assess your goals and go back to the “drawing board” to consider all options and the best plants suited for your landscape.

Why Brown’s Landscaping?

After assessing the property and client’s preferences, we will provide a computer drawing to show what the end result of the plantings will look like.  Unlike other companies which may provide a black and white sketch, we overlay the future landscape on top of the clients existing landscaping which allows clients to see a preview of the end result before we even begin the work!


What are the benefits of Landscape Design & Plantings?

  • Increase the value of your property
  • “Zenify” your yard to create a more pleasing place to relax
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your living space to the outdoor area
  • Allows more area to entertain guests
  • Opportunity to reflect your personal style into the outdoor area
  • Enhances the overall beauty of the property

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