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Spring and Fall Cleanup


Spring Clean-ups begin as soon as the snow has melted in March.  It is important to remove debris such as sticks and other remaining leaves which fell over the winter months.  Leaving these on your emerging lawn for too long could lead to damage, resulting in higher costs later on.


Fall Clean-ups can occur once or be spread over the months of October, November, and early December.  We recommend our most popular package of Three Fall Clean-ups which comes at a discount.  This is a great value and ensures that there are no damp leaves remaining on your lawn for too long which can lead to mud, mold, and disease.  The worst case scenario of leaves left on your lawn too long can be a full lawn replacement in the spring.  Additionally, leaves remaining on your lawn for even short periods of time but which occurs repeatedly year after year can also lead to significant lawn damage.

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Spring and Fall Cleanup